Karachi Monkey Boating

Monkey Boating

Karachi is a port city, and due to its proximity to the ocean, there is a traditional maritime leisure activity that occasionally folk will partake in. It’s called Bandar Boating, which though literally translated means Monkey Boating involves no monkeys so I have no idea how the name came about. The beginning of the excursion …

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Karachi It’s the Smell of Karachi I Tell You

It’s the Smell of Karachi I Tell You

I spent some time this weekend going through blogs related to Karachi. I am not sure why I do that – it only depresses me. When I see snapshots of the city it looks very much like the place I left behind. The buildings remain, and the smog clouds your eyes. I happened upon this …

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Karachi High School – Take 1

High School – Take 1

In 1986 I changed schools from New Horizons to St Michaels Convent School. Yes, I went to a convent. I only have a handful of memories of my time there, most of them surrounding my boyfriend of 3 months in 1992, but the years prior to that all blend in to one. However, today I …

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